About Us

Views on News is a unique magazine, another presentation within the huge bouquet of ENC products. This magazine, totally revamped, restructured and redesigned of late, looks at the challenges emanating from societal upheavals as well as media issues.

This is magazine that deals with complex political issues around India and also abroad, while also catering to the more delectable and subtle tastes of its readers.

While, on the one hand, the magazine deals with scientific discoveries and deliberations, on the other hand it also provides excellent recipes that can be made at home, and news and commentary on cultural issues that need more than a fair share of attention.

The magazine is staffed with very experienced editors and shows extraordinary design acumen.

This is a magazine that, in print and in its internet avatar, has been attracting eyeballs galore. This is what the future of print magazines with this genre will look like in the future.