John Abraham’s Attack on your nerves

Make sure your good senses and erudition are both on holiday if you choose to see this film. Everything is possible when Bollywood behaves as it should


By Screen Shot

Recently, a number of enjoyable and very well made, good Bollywood movies with excellent story lines, many in line of true incidents, have come to the screens and through OTT platforms. Whatever the hype, those were enjoyable, because of an inherent amount of truth in them. Many thought Bollywood was changing.

Bollywood, however, had to breathe, and had to be really Bollywood, bereft of brains, completely out of ideas, copying sections of plots from high budget Hollywood movies and them completely destroying them. So it made a movie called ‘Attack’. As if that was not enough, it borrows plots from successful Bollywood films as well. 

Read on for the ‘niceties’.
Attack is a Bollywood action-drama, written and directed by debutant Lakshya Raj Anand. The movie casts John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles it all starts with a surgical strike in Pakistan. Of course, this is led by Arjun Shergill (John Abraham). From there the team captures a Lashkar leader, Hamid Gul. The story moves forward a few months. Ayesha (Jacqueline) comes into Arjun’s life. Both are living happily when suddenly one day there is a big terrorist attack on Delhi airport. Arjuna, who was injured in this attack, is paralyzed from throat down.

So he is living a sad life with his mother. But that’s not story enough, so Bollywood brings in tech, a bad copy of the West. The army remember Arjun again. The army wants to prepare a super soldier to deal with the new leader of Lashkar, Umar Gul, for which they have chosen Arjun. What fun. Scientist (Rakul Preet) develops a chip that can be fitted in a human brain. And we thought chips these days are developed by a team of researchers.

How a metallic chip integrates into an organic host is not clear, but through it any command can be given to a human being through an intelligent robotic assistant. So, this chip is fitted in Arjun’s brain. Soon Arjun gets ready for the next mission. But in the meantime a big terrorist attack takes place on Parliament.

Se where this is going? Nowhere.

There all the ministers including the Prime Minister are imprisoned and some demands are placed before the government. Now the government fulfils the demand of terrorists or will Super Soldier Arjun create some Chakravyuh.

Sorry, the movie even steals from the Mahabharata.

In the movie you will see how Arjun saves the country from terrorists with the help of this new technology.
The rest of the plot revolves around how this one-of-its-kind prototype sets out on a mission for a larger cause.


  • Friday – 3.25 cr approx
  • Saturday – 3.25 ctr approx
  • Sunday – 3.50 cr approx
  • Monday – 1.15cr approx
  • Tuesday   1.05 cr approx
  • TOTAL – 12.20 cr apprx (5 days)

Principal photography began in January 2020. Production was put on hold in March 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic. The shooting resumed in February 2021.

The film was originally scheduled for theatrical opening worldwide on August 14, 2020. However, it was delayed due to the shooting suspension. It was scheduled for release on 28 January 2022; however, it was postponed due to the surge in Omicron variant cases. It was theatrically released on April 1, 2022.

It is estimated that the film will cost around Rs 55 crores to make. In a recent interview, John revealed that 30 percent of the film’s budget is spent on visual effects, translating into approximately 15 crores spent on the budget. The film’s total cost, including printing and advertising, is about 55 crores.


Name of movie: Attack
Release: (April 1) At theater

Star cast:
John Abraham as Arjun Shergill, Jacqueline Fernandez as Ayesha, Rakul Preet Singh as Dr. Sabaha Qureshi, Prakash Raj as Vadraj Kumar Subramaniam, Ratna Pathak Shah as Shanti Shergill, Serena Walia as IRA, Elham Ehsas as Hamid Gul, Rajit Kapur as Home Minister, Kiran Kumar as Indian Army Chief, Habib Al Aidroos as Rehman Gul, Mir Mehroos as Young Hamid Gul, Jaimini Pathak as Negotiator, Babrak Akbari as Mustafa, Nimish Desai as Prime Minister, Ashish Nijhawan as Hussain, Shahnawaz Bhatt as Saqlain, Vikas Tomar as Home Minister’s Assistant, Ranjit Punia as CRPF Officer, Ranjeet Singh as RAF Officer, Karan Mehat as Shahid

Director:  Lakshya Raj Anand

Producer: Jayantilal Gada, Ajay Kapoor, Bhaumik Gondaliya

Writer: Lakshya Raj Anand, Sumit Batheja, Vishal Kapoor

Music: Shashwat Sachdev

Production House:  AK Productions, Pen India Limited