Exit polls point at saffron rule extension in Tripura, good influence in Nagaland, decent exposure in Meghalaya

All exit polls results show a slant towards the BJP winning in Tripura, having a great say in matters of governance in Nagaland and a pretty good third 0positin in Meghalaya as well.


All exit polls results show a slant towards the BJP winning in Tripura, having a great say in matters of governance in Nagaland and a pretty good third 0positin in Meghalaya as well.

In Tripura it seems the BJP-IPFT alliance is likely to retain power. The assembly in Meghalaya is likely to be a hung one, till MLAs switch sides, because no party has been predicted to cross the half-way mark of 31 seats.

In Nagaland, the NDPP and BJP alliance might win.

The states consist of 60 assembly seats each.

The BJP will look to retain both Tripura – it first came to power here in 2018 – and Nagaland, where it is in alliance with the National Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP). The National People’s Party (NPP), meanwhile, is looking to retain Meghalaya.


Tripura voted for the 60-member assembly on February 16 with a three-pronged contest between the BJP and its allies, the Congress and the newly formed Tipra Motha. All exit polls have indicated that the Congress will garner zero seats in the Tripura Assembly. On an average, the Tipra Motha is predicted to gain around 12 seats.

Jan ki Baat said the BJP+ is likely to get 43-49 percent of the total vote share. It predicted 41-37 percent vote share for CMP and 15-22 percent vote share for Tipra Motha Party.

BJP+: 29-40 seats
Left: 16-9 seats
Tipra Motha: 14-10 seats
Others: 1 seat

Zee News-Matrize exit poll has also predicted BJP victory in Tripura with 29 to 36 votes. The National People’s Party will retain Meghalaya with 21 to 26 seats.

Meghalaya is set to witness a hung assembly this year, according to the exit poll predictions. However, it is to be noted that exit poll projections may or may not be the same as actual results.

India Today exit poll shows BJP winning around 36-45 seats out of 60 assembly seats in Tripura with Tipra Motha behind with 9-16 seats.

Times Now-ETG exit poll

NDA: 24
SDF: 21
TMP: 14

Others: 1.


Meghalaya is likely to see a stiff contest with many of the exit polls predicting that the Conrad Sangma-led NPP will emerge the single largest party. 

India Today-Axis My India poll

NPP: 18-24 seats

Congress: 6-12 seats
BJP: 4-8 seats
Others: 4-8

According to Jann Ki Baat, Meghalaya will see a hung assembly – TMC: 14-19, UDP: 10-14, NPP: 11-16, Congress: 11-16, BJP: 3-7, PDF: 2-4, and others: 3-8.

Times Now-ETG

With 18-26 seats, NPP advanced in Meghalaya, while Trinamool and United Democratic Party (UDP) to win 8-14 seats each. BJP to bag 3-6 seats:  

Zee News-Matrize

As per Zee News-Matrize exit poll, 21-26 seats to the ruling NPP in the 60-member house. BJP to get 6-11 seats, and Congress 3-6 seats,Trinamool Congress, which is looking to expand beyond Bengal, will bag 8-13 seats in Meghalaya.

Times Now-ETG Research exit poll seat share

Times Now-ETG Research exit poll has predicted a maximum of 26 seats for the NPP, while TMC and UDP are likely to get 8 to 14 seats.

Nagaland assembly election

The BJP is contesting 20 seats while the NDPP contests 40 seats under a seat-sharing agreement. The Congress has fielded candidates from 23 seats while the NPP has contenders for 22. While the parties contested separately, the Congress had previously indicated its willingness to enter into a post-poll alliance.

Axis My India-India Today exit poll seat share:

India Today-Axis My India poll predicts

NDPP+: 49
Congress: 10
NPF: 13
Others: 28

Times Now shares exit polls figures


NDA: 44
NPF: 6
Congress: 0
Others: 9

Zee News-Matrize exit poll seat share

Allies NDPP and BJP will retain Nagaland by winning 35-43 seats in the 60-seat assembly; Naga People’s Front 2-5, and Congress 1-3.

The Jan ki Baat poll indicated that the BJP and NDPP would secure 35 to 45 seats while the NPF bagged six to 10 seats. Meanwhile the Times Now-ETG Research poll suggested slightly better odds for the BJP and its allies with 39 to 49 seats. It predicted that the NPF would secure four to eight seats. Both these exit polls have forecast that the Congress will fail to open its account in the state