Micromax Ear buds on a budget


By Tech Tonic

Indian multinational Micromax is reinventing itself, aligning itself with a highly competitive world. Its newest offering is the Air Funk True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Ear Buds. Samsung and other companies already have offerings in this segment, but Micromax has come out with ear buds, priced between Rs 1,299 and Rs 2,499. Unbelievable!

At this price, it is essential to get into the specifications and uynderstand why it may be a good buy.
The following are some specs: One Step Pairing: Pick up both ear buds from the charging case. They will pair with each other automatically. Then just turn on the Bluetooth menu in your device (say phone or laptop), select the ear buds and click to connect, very easy.

Enhanced Stable Signal Connection: The wireless ear buds are designed with advanced chipset, ensuring a faster and stable signal connection and transmission.

Wireless and 3D Stereo Sound: the ear buds operate on advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology with deep bass and crystal clear treble.

Built-In Dual Microphones: Built-in microphones on both ear buds, allow you to make hands-free calls from either one (in case you are wearing just one, for phone calls). Check out a comparison on left.