New was to lock your door

With the advancement of technology, many special locks are available for use in Indian homes and offices. Here are some.


By Techno Crat

Gone are the days of padlocks, when large, cumbersome devises hung on the latches, inviting large, cumbersome keys. Those were the days when people moved around with a bunch of keys, and losing a key meant massive headaches. The bigger the lock, often, the bigger the key. So the space that just the keys took up was large. Duplication was also a problem, though not for thieves, it seemed.

Then came the era of latches, of Yale locks, which did not need padlocks, but needed keys nevertheless. Nothing wrong with keys, except they can be very troublesome at times, getting lost just when you need them.

Electronic locks have been around for a while, too. They operate on bio metric details and electronic combinations, but the basic design of the locks were pretty similar to the older ones. The operating procedure was different.

Hollywood thrillers gives us a huge variety of locks, being picked in different ways think of the Mission Impossible series. Not all of those are available on the market, though.

Now, with the advancement of tech, many special locks are available for use in Indian homes and offices. Here are some.

The evolution
Over the years, evolution in living patterns has demanded more from the traditional locks than mere home security. Today, people want smarter and convenient options to manage the access to their homes the question is no longer about who stays out of the house but who can be let in.

As we move into the future, Hafele introduces its new Digital Home Security Solutions that bring to you the most advanced technologies in digital access modes, safety features, convenient settings and much more; attempting to provoke a serious thought not just about home security but also about how easy can your daily interactions with the door be made. These solutions from Hafele allow you to control multi-dimensional aspects of home access through a single locking device, as per your specific lifestyle and at the leisure of your convenience.

So, it’s time to move to a smarter way of life – it’s time to ‘Reimagine Access’.

The new Digital Locks – RE-Inforce, RE-Inspire, RE-Push, RE-Split and RE-Twist – bring to you, contemporary design, advanced functionality, easy access, and control through a mobile application providing you with a comprehensive security solution at your fingertips.

Are smart locks hackable?
Any technology that connects to the internet has the potential to be hacked. However, smart locks that work with a traditional locking mechanism, that can only be physically opened with a key, offer the best resistance against hackers.

Multiple ways to unlock the door
Say goodbye to the hassles of carrying house keys and get a Qubo Smart Door lock. With 5 convenient ways to unlock the door.

The makeover your door deserves
Stylish mirror finish and stainless steel body makes the door lock a perfect addition to your front door to bring security and convenience to your life.

Different companies which offer smart door locks in India:
Lavna Locks  Digital Door Lock
The Lavna Locks smart door lock sports a minimalist and utilitarian design. It works well with wooden as well as metal doors. This smart door lock comes with features like fingerprint unlock, RFID card, PIN or passwords as well as the good old physical key. Apart from this, it also supports OTP-based login which can be useful when you have guests arriving. The Lavna Locks smart door lock is a great option that comes with many features and an elegant design.

Tinxy Door Lock with WiFi Controller
The Tinxy smart door lock comes with several security features like voice unlock, door unlock status, secure access and more. It sports a compact design that takes up less space comparatively. It allows you to unlock your door from anywhere using an app that works with Android devices as well as iPhones. It also comes with support for theft alarms. The Tinxy smart door lock comes with many security features, making it a great option in its segment.

amiciSmart Multi-Access Touchless Smart Door Lock
The amiciSmart smart door lock takes it a notch higher with its combination of sleek design and unique features. It offers five different ways of unlocking the door, including a mobile app, fingerprint, password, touchless smart cards and a mechanical key.

Users can also use one-time passwords to make sure the security is not compromised. The amiciSmart smart door lock is a feature-packed product featuring several highly secure ways to unlock your door.

OPEN Door Two Smart Door Lock
The OPEN Door Two smart door lock offers an understated brushed design that should go well with a wide range of door designs. It supports multiple unlocking methods, including password, smart card, mechanical key and fingerprint. It also supports one-time passwords, which come in handy when guests arrive at home and you’re away. The OPEN Door Two smart door lock is a feature-packed smart security solution in the affordable segment.

Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock
The Godrej smart door lock comes in a sleek design and supports locking using four unique passwords with a length of 4 to 12 digits. In case you’re locked out and don’t remember the password, you can use a mechanical key to unlock the door. Apart from this, it also supports up to 100 fingerprints and RFID Smart Key for enhanced security. The Godrej smart door lock combines elegant design with security to offer a great overall security solution.