The Tata Avinya

A concept car at this point the super stylish EV is set for a 2025 launch. This is one of the new generation EVs from the company, with several futuristic features


By Auto Crat

Tata Motors has revealed its latest concept in the form of an upcoming electric vehicle called the Avinya. The EV crossover will be based on Tata’s dedicated Generation 3 EV platform and will pack a range of 500+ km. Set to be launched in January 2025, the EV boasts a sleek design, spacious cabin, and will pack a host of high-tech features such as speakers for all seats, voice command in-car functionality, ADAS systems and connected car tech. 

As the new platform has the space to accommodate a large battery pack, the AvinyaEV will have a minimum travel range of 500km with rapid charging support.

The AVINYA Concept is a giant stride towards the next generation of electric vehicles by Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM). It is an expression of the Company’s vision of a pure electric vehicle, based on its GEN 3 architecture. Derived from the Sanskrit language, the name AVINYA stands for ‘Innovation’. The AVINYA Concept introduces a new typology of mobility that liberates enormous roominess and comfort, not restricted by traditional segmentation. It comes packed with new-age technology, software and artificial intelligence that work in the background to deliver wellness and tranquillity during transit.

Providing an extremely premium yet simple and calming customer experience, this concept will be fairly accessible to a majority of customers of fast-growing, high-volume segments of today. With this, TPEM is all set to unleash a new breed of EVs that will redefine the automobile space. This path-breaking EV will be introduced to the market by 2025.

Third-generation architecture

Tata has developed this new third-generation electric-only architecture for a variety of EVs in the future. Avinya will be the first to utilise the platform. Moreover, it provides extra in-cabin space for the passengers. 


The AVINYA Concept focuses on a human centric design and promises a sensory journey of its own.

The sky dome enhances the overall sense of space and natural light. The functional console inspired steering wheel and the voice activated systems offer a deeper interface for all its passengers. The sustainable materials being used communicate the ethos of the product and finally, the finishing touch of the aroma diffuser envelopes you in an ambiance that is serene and soothing.

Originally inspired by a catamaran, the AVINYA Concept is an uncompromising vision for electric mobility.

With a new silhouette, this concept is a mixology of the best of the worlds – it is a product that combines the essence of a premium hatch with the luxuries and versatility of an SUV and the roominess and functionality of an MPV – all put together to create something new and beautiful.

A significant highlight on the front and the rear of the vehicle is the new identity. This new identity as a part of the DRL is a subtle nod to our commitment to enhance the quality of life and is a pivotal step in the evolution of EVs.

It is also the manifesto and emphasizes the Horizon and the Infinite possibilities that the Gen 3 electrification will offer.
Gliding to the sides, one is met by the ‘Butterfly’ doors, which welcome you with open arms to a class-leading spacious interior which is sure to make its occupants feel calm.

Furthermore, envisaging a future trend, this concept is designed to believe that lesser screen time is the way to go.

Taking this into consideration the AVINYA Concept has been made screen-less, to bar any distractions inside the car and create a stress-free environment for the mind and soul.
Keeping the entire theme of serenity alive, this concept is showcased in the colour – Gentle Dawn.

More than just an EV

The AVINYA Concept stands for empathetic mobility, a machine that is engineered to be smart, spacious, sustainable yet techy.
The agile and robust Pure EV GEN 3 Architecture offers this concept with a flexible design while boasting of next-generation connectivity, advanced driver assistance systems and enhanced performance and efficiency.

Pioneered out of India for the world, this global platform offers high structural safety and has the next level of waterproofing and dust protection, making it ready for all forms of terrains.

This architecture is built with the use of next-gen materials, efficient electronic components, and proprietary energy management strategies and algorithms for efficiency management.

Use of lightweight materials, and optimized structure for an EV only power train with enabled appropriate stiffness helps minimize the overall mass, leading to good weight management. Furthermore, the battery used will support an ultra-fast charge capability, in line with the infrastructure evolution, pumping a minimum 500 km range in under 30 minutes.

Drawing inspiration from human sensory cues whilst promising a stress-free experience with every drive, the AVINYA stands by the concept of minimalism and is a leap forward in the right direction, making it the absolute regiment of sustainable movement.


Price: The estimated price of Tata Avinya is Rs 30 lakh.


The Avinya will be based on Tata’s dedicated platform for electric vehicles. It will pack a range of more than 500km and will be compatible with ultra-fast charging.

Range: The upcoming car Tata Avinya is packed with innovation and is expected to offer the driver a capacity of 500 km within 30 minutes of charging. The battery is said to be extraordinarily extravagant and aims to deliver fast-charging technology.

90-degree rotatable seats

As the ground clearance of the vehicle is very low it becomes difficult for some passengers to get in or come out of the car. To provide ease for such customers Avinya got a rotatable seat.

Headphone for Each

Passengers got speakers on each of their necks which give every customer a great experience of listening to the media.

No mirrors

The Avinya has no side mirror; it’ll come with a wide-angle camera to show the rear postage of the vehicle.

On-steer navigation

The touch screen panel on the steer provides a great navigation experience.

As big as a small personal room

The Avinya is exclusively built in an electric version that gave Tata the opportunity to completely remove the space for the IC engine and place its wheels on the extreme edges of the car which in turn provided a large room for designing the interior of Avinya.

Voice commands only

Unlike any commercial car the Avinya is only controlled by the voice commands, it didn’t get any screen or any control buttons. An engraved screen in the windshield shows various essential information like charging, range, temperature, etc. but except that the car has no screen.

Air-conditioning on each door

Unlike only one front air conditioning on the front, the Avinya has a personal A.C. for each person in the car. Also, each AC unit on the door can be controlled by the need for a roller.


As of now, Tata Avinya is said to be featured in an exciting and lively colour, Gentle Dawn, which will be so soothing and relaxing to the eyes. It is also hoped that in future the car will be released in a few other colour options as well.

Additional features

Confirmed features for the Tata Avinya include a slew of ADAS systems and connected car tech. It is also likely to get voice recognition and a surround sound music system with dedicated speakers for all seats.

The Avinya EV boasts futuristic and smoothed-surface design language. It features the ‘T’-shaped, full-length horizontal light bar at the front and rear – defining Tata Motors’ new brand identity. The electric vehicle also gets side view cameras acting as ORVMs. Besides this, the Avinya EV will be 4.3 metres in length. 


In today’s market, the Avinya would be an alternative to the likes of the Tata Nexon EV and the MG ZS EV.


Engine and Transmission


Fuel & Performance

Fuel TypeElectric
Emission Norm ComplianceZEV
Battery Capacity30.2KWH
Charging time60 Min(0-80%)

Dimensions & Capacity

Length (mm)4300
Seating Capacity5

 Body Type      SUV

Battery Capacity30.2KW
Motor TypePermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Max Power127bhp
Max Torque245nm
Range500 km