Today is World Wide Web Day

Celebrate the World Wide Web Day on August 1st, Which marks the invention by Tim Berners-Lee of World Wide Web.


In the modern world, we can easily find information about almost anything with just a single click or search. In simple words, the world wide web (www) is a system that connects thousands of online resources, including web pages, audio files, and documents. Where the resources for this network are made available via web servers, which house the actual data or resources of websites on the internet and can be accessed via a web browser, search engines efficiently and clearly display the information.

Although we have been using the World Wide Web for a very long time and for many different things, it was initially intended to be a document management system. Tim Berners-Lee created it in 1989 while he was employed at CERN, and it became accessible to the general public in 1991.

He created the fundamental building blocks of the web, including HTML, HTTP, Server, World Wide Web Browser, and the first website ever made on the Internet.