This is the tenth edition of the super successful franchise, though this time out, the producer may have gone just too far.

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The immensely successful Fast & Furious franchise it at it again, bringing to you its tenth edition.

Fast X (also known as Fast & Furious 10) is the 2023 version of the action film directed by Louis Leterrier from a screenplay written by Dan Mazeau and Justin Lin, who also co-wrote the story with Zach Dean.

It is the sequel to F9 (2021), the tenth main instalment, and the eleventh instalment overall in the Fast & Furious franchise. It stars Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto alongside an ensemble cast including Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges, John Cena, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, Scott Eastwood, Daniela Melchior, Alan Ritchson, Helen Mirren, Brie Larson, Rita Moreno, Jason Statham, Jason Momoa, and Charlize Theron.

In the film, Toretto must protect his family from Dante Reyes (Momoa), who seeks revenge for his father’s death and loss of his family’s fortune.

The story of the film begins with a powerful action sequence in which Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) eliminates a dangerous criminal mastermind and seizes all of his wealth. The supporting characters in the backdrop are connected to this franchise’s previous films. However, in the present time, Dominic is living a happy life with his wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), his son, and his team. Suddenly, his life is disrupted by the entry of a formidable enemy, Donte Reyes (Jason Momoa), who intends to destroy him and his entire family.

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family are targeted once again, and this time it’s a ghost from their past who returns to haunt them. Dom and his family and friends are hunted by the vengeful son of drug kingpin Hernan Reyes, Dante (Jason Momoa). Will Dom be able to save his family and friends once again? 


Over the course of the past 21 years, the Fast and Furious franchise has transformed from a movie about street racing and the drive for DVD players to one of today’s most profitable and outrageous movie experiences with a slew of sequels. , spin-offs, TV shows. shows, video games and more. During that time, movies have also gone from moderate blockbusters to outright giants, with Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious eclipsing the billion-dollar mark worldwide. Even F9: The Fast Saga, which launched in a pandemic, brought a host of changes upon its June 2021 theatrical release.

Kurt Russell could also return for the movie, as the fate of his character after the last movie is still a bit ambiguous.
Fast X seems to recognize Fast Five as the top of the franchise bell curve, because it starts there, by retconning a super-villain out of a previous villain’s son. (It turns out there are unforeseen consequences for killing a crime boss with a flying bank vault.)

By flashing back to the heist sequence, the film also announces itself as a return to the giddy excesses of the series’ best moments, embracing high camp and cartoonishly destructive violence while leaving behind the glum tone of entries like The Fate of the Furious.

It may be dumb as a box of rocks, but there’s still something irresistibly vulgar about a film that nearly blows up the Vatican as a throat-clearing exercise.

Director Louis Leterrier has a long track record of mediocre blockbusters to his credit, including the Edward Norton version of The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans and Now You See Me, but in taking the reins from Justin Lin, Leterrier adopts a tone closer to his Transporter 2, which remains one of Statham’s better vehicles.

His camera pirouettes wildly around the action Leterrier is as addicted to drunk aerial shots as Max Ophüls was to dolly tracks – and he leans into the comic absurdity as much as possible, leaving the physics of suspense to the Mission: Impossible franchise. Dom and his friends treat missions like arcade games where they have all the cheat codes.

Vin Diesel is definitely in his zone as Dominic Toretto. There is an angst, a belligerence, a certain hunger that he brings to the character that fits him so perfectly that it doesn’t seem that he is playing a character. It just feels that he is so naturally Dom. While his character doesn’t have a different arc than what it has had in the previous films of the series, this time he definitely looks a lot more emotional.

Tyrese Gibson does come up with a memorable performance once again. His war of words with Chris “Ludacris” Bridges makes the character so lovable. He brings the necessary fun element to this otherwise jam-packed action adventure.

Alan Ritchson definitely shows that he’s worthy of getting a place in the ‘Fast And Furious’ saga. He may have lesser screen time, but he manages to showcase his prowess in the action department in just that much. Looking forward to seeing more of him in the coming part of the franchise.

John Cena began as the tough villain in the previous film, but by the end of it turned out to be a big ball of mush. He carries that character forward perfectly. However, it’s sad to see him play such a minuscule part in the film.

Vin Diesel looks splendid on the big screen as always. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this time, amidst the Aquaman-like setting, Jason Momoa stole the show among the audience. While Vin Diesel is a splendid hero in the franchise, Jason has truly excelled in his role as a formidable villain. The rest of the cast members have also delivered good performances. All in all, this film is a good watch for fans of the franchise.

The anything-goes mentality that drives Fast X backfires a little with Momoa, whose conception of Dante as a mincing, androgynous chaos demon owes a debt to Nicolas Cage in Face/Off and Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow, but leans uncomfortably into the gay killer archetype. In a series that celebrates tough-guy bravado, Dante represents a feminized reactionary threat, though the bigger problem here is that Momoa isn’t as gifted as Cage or Depp at devouring the scenery. He’s not as dull as Theron’s whispery Lecter-isms in the previous two entries, but he lurches in the opposite direction, plotting the apocalypse in pigtails, nail polish and an array of half-buttoned satin shirts.



The film was initially slated for an April 2nd, 2021 release date, although that release date was taken by F9. A new release date was set for February 2023.
On April 11, 2020 stunt double for John Cena, Spencer Thomas made comments about the film beginning production in September 2020 and continuing through 2021 should the COVID-19 Pandemic be under control. He also stated that the film will be divided into two parts. These are yet to be confirmed by Vin Diesel or Universal Studios

As of September 2020, there has been no word on when Fast & Furious 10 will begin production so it is likely that the claims made by Spencer Thomas are false.

In October 2020, it was officially announced that the franchise would end with Fast & Furious 11 with Justin Lin set to direct both. It is likely that the tenth film will be divided into two parts.
It was rumoured that Gal Gadot may reprise her role as Gisele Yashar.
On April 19, 2021, Justin Lin confirmed that despite Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw going onto star in their spinoff film series Hobbs & Shaw, to Lin they’re still in this universe and they’re part of this family. Which in turn means that a return of these to characters in the franchise’s swan song is possible.


Principal photography began on April 21, 2022, with the film’s title being revealed and Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang, and Charlize Theron confirmed to reprise their roles According to Diesel, an earlier draft excluded Brewster’s character, which he overturned. Fast X’s production budget was initially reported to be $300 million in May 2022, which was revised to $340 million that November; the cast was reportedly paid $100 million for their involvement, including $20 million for Diesel.Other costs for the rising budget included increases in production costs caused by global inflation and charges for pandemic testing requirements mandated by COVID-19 safety protocols.According to unnamed sources reporting to Radar, Diesel reportedly “stressed” over the increased budget and the creative decisions in Fast X; sources wrote Diesel is considered by Universal as “simultaneously the greatest star had and their biggest headache” and that doesn’t let anybody forget the Fast & Furious franchise is important to the whole  industry”


Fast X or the Fast and Furious 10 was made with a huge budget of 340 million dollars. The film was released in 2200 screens in India due to its high craze and demand. It has become Hollywood’s one of the films released on this range of screens in recent times.

BOX Office Collection :

Fast X performed well on its first 6 days at the box office and earned Rs 70.85 Cr India net. Here is Fast X’s 7th-day box office collection and Occupancy.

Fast X earned 4.35 Cr India net on its seventh day for all languages.

Name of movie:   Fast X
Release: (May 19) At theatres

Star cast: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, John Cena, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang, Scott Eastwood, Daniela Melchior, Alan Ritchson, Helen Mirren, Brie Larson, Rita Moreno, Jason Statham, Jason Momoa, Charlize Theron

Director:    Louis Leterrier

Producer:  Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel, Justin Lin, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Samantha Vincent.

·         Writer:     Dan Mazeau &Justin Lin

·         Music:    Brian Tyler

·         Production House : Universal Pictures, Original Film, One Race Films, Roth/Kirschenbaum Films, Perfect Storm Entertainment.