Trying to explore what India’s leading designers are thinking about this summer, we come up with some of the best things waiting for us.

By Shivika Pandey

India, an amalgamation of cultures, backgrounds, and traditions, has always been a pioneer in the world of fashion. As we enter the summer of 2023, it’s time to delve into the innovative domains of India’s top designers and discover the latest trends for women. India’s fashion wizards not only follow the fashion world’s pulse, but also soak their collections with their own distinct opinions. These designers are redefining Indian women’s fashion in unforeseen manners, from the revival of age-old craft to a fusion of classical aesthetics with modern styles.

Since India is a nation breathing diversity, with profoundly different cultures, including different types of traditions in style, ethnic wear plays an important role in expressing the rich cultural heritage of India and its traditional values.

Lightweight textiles like cotton and chiffon are the chosen one for scorching climates, such as in Rajasthan and Gujarat, whereas mellow materials like wool and velvet are favoured in colder climates like the far north of India. To wrestle the dampness, coastal areas like Kerala and Goa choose lighter materials, whereas the north-eastern states use handwoven silk and cotton to highlight tribal and cultural singularity.

With such a wide variety of ethnic clothing, India’s fashion choices are unusual in that they fuse culture, tradition and weather-conscious styles. Choices are also heavily dependent on the climate of a particular region that affects their clothing style.

This summer’s trends are a perfect blend of history and creativity. Designers are experimenting with an array of fabrics, shades, and shapes to create collections that honour India’s diverse heritage. Handwoven textiles, such as Banarasi silks, chanderi, and khadi are seeing an upsurge as designers such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee highlight their unmatched grace and workmanship.

Colour schemes

The summer colour scheme for 2023 is an intriguing mix of bright and lively and calming neutrals. Emerald green, royal blue, and vibrant red are rich jewel-toned colours that add excitement and richness to the collections. Simultaneously, designers are welcoming soft pastels, earthy tones, and soothing coral and mint shades to create a sense of serenity and balance.

There is a noticeable focus on redefining traditional outlines in terms of design. Designers like Ritu Kumar and Tarun Tahiliani are pushing the boundaries of traditional Indian attire, from sophisticated sarees with modern drapes to modern lehengas, embellished with delicate embroidery. Western influences, such as asymmetrical cuts, bare fabrics, add a modern change to these classic combinations.

Footwear and accessories

Footwear and accessories are vital components of an attire. They play an important role in outshining and highlighting the outfit. Handmade jootis, adorned Kolhapuri chappals, and statement stilettos can make ideal matches to the collections, emphasising the significance of footwear for improving the overall look.

Accessories ranging from elaborately crafted heritage jewellery to the rise of oxidized jewellery, minimalist belts and clutches to embellished potlis to hair accessories like mang tikka and mathapattis add an outstanding finishing touch, highlighting the designers’ individual designs.


We might want to find out about what top Indian designers are thinking for this summer. These are designers who have the talent to blend tradition with innovation while remaining true to their own distinct visions. We have selected five designers, not in particular order, while also maintaining that there are many more with as much talent. We will introduce to them later.


(The Queen of Classical Beauty)

Ritu Kumar, a fashion industry veteran, has entrenched herself as a symbol of timeless elegance. Kumar weaves traditional fabrics like silk, cotton, and handwoven textiles together with a deep understanding of India’s cultural heritage to create works of art that honour the richness of the country’s craftsmanship. Kumar embraces the revival of age-old crafts in 2023, seamlessly integrating them with contemporary designs. Her hue scheme is a mash-up of rich jewel tones and earthy hues that capture the essence of Indian aesthetics.

When it comes to footwear and accessories, she frequently includes handcrafted jootis (traditional Indian shoes, specifically of Punjabi origin) and exquisitely crafted ornaments, lending a regal touch to her collections.


(The Maestro of Artisanal Crafts)

Sabyasachiis well-known for his skill in highlighting Indian craftsmanship while creating dazzling outfits for global recognition. Mukherjee’s designs in 2023 will emphasise handwoven textiles such as Banarasi silks, chanderi, and khadi. His colour scheme combines earthy tones, muted pastels, and vibrant- dark jewel tones.

Mukherjee’s footwear choices are classic vintage Indian jootis or embroidered Kolhapuri chappals, which support his complex patterns perfectly. In terms of accessories, his collections commonly include heritage jewellery, designed belts, and embellished handbags.


(Sustainable Fashion Believer)

Anita Dongre is recognised as a leading voice in the ethical fashion movement, fusing eco-friendly practises with cutting-edge designs. Her 2023 collections will feature natural fibres such as handloom cotton, linen, and sustainable silks. Dongre’s colour palette includes soft neutrals, pastels, and earthy tones.

She encourages comfortable and versatile footwear, such as block heels and vegan flats. Dongre’s accessories have a minimalist aesthetic and are made from organic substances such as wood, cork, and recycled metals, highlighting her passion for sustainable fashion.


(Creator of contemporary Couture)

Tarun Tahiliani is known for this incredible designs that is mixture of both Indian and modern aesthetics. In 2023, Tarun is testing out various luxurious fabrics, like light weight satin, velvet, and pure textiles. His summer colour palette this year encompasses rich jewel shades, with ordinary pop ups of energetic colours.

Tahiliani’s footwear is widely known in India, his designs often include contemporary stilettos or decorated flats.


(The Free Spirit of Bollywood Glamour)

With his Bollywood-inspired collections, Manish Malhotra, the designer to the celebs, continues to reinvent Indian fashion. Malhotra’s designs exude a sense of power, as he is known for his extravagant and glamorous creations. In 2023, he seeks out new fabrics like organza (thin silk), sequins, and metallic highlights.

His colour palette is dominated by modern pastels, metallic shades, and vibrant jewel tones. Malhotra’s looks are frequently paired with statement shoes like embellished stilettos or embroidered mojris (traditional Indian footwear).

His accessories, which include statement bags and intricate belts, complete the picture of Bollywood shine.

Unique perspectives

In 2023 India’s top fashion creators will be making waves with their unique perspectives and innovative approaches. We will wait to see how they embrace the latest trends while staying true to their distinctive styles. Each designer brings their own taste Indian fashion industry. Their choice of fabric and colour, footwear, and accessories sets them apart from each other, inspiring fashion freaks across the country and beyond.