Parties Strengthen zones in by-polls

No clarity available for next year from the bypolls held


By Chanakya

The recent by-polls can be seen with various lenses and from different perspectives. If Assam is the key state in consideration, the BJP (or the NDA) made huge progress, consolidating its position. If West Bengal is the fulcrum, it will be seen that the BJP is being virtually scrubbed out of existence in the state. Otherwise, it might also be found that Congress has made major comebacks in different states (such as Himachal Pradesh).

Overall, though, it has been a mixed bag and certainly does not reflect public sentiment in general and cannot be imputed into projections for the 2021 polls.

Let us go through the different states and how the parties fared.

ARKI Assembly seat: Sanjay of the Indian National Congress (INC) got 30,798 (50.86%) votes, against BJP candidate Rattan Singh Pal, who got 27,579 (45.55%). Thus INC won by a margin of 3,219 Votes.

FATEHPUR Assembly seat: Bhawani Singh Pathania of the INC got 24,449 (42.82%) votes to beat BJP’s Baldev Thakur, who got 18,660 (32.68%) votes. INC won by a margin of 5,789 Votes.

JUBBAL-KOTKHAI Assembly seat: Rohit Thakur of the INC got 29,995 (52.92%) votes against independent  candidate Chetan Singh, who got 23,662 (41.8%) votes. INC  won by a margin of 6,333 votes.

Mandi Parliament Seat: Congress candidate Pratibha Singh beat BJP’s Khushal Thakur by a margin of 7,490 votes. Pratibha Singh got 3,69,565 (49.14%) votes, against Khushal Thakur’s 3,62,075 (48.14%) votes.

Dhariawad Assembly seat: Nagraj of the INC got 69,819 (39.16%) votes against independent candidate Thawarchand’s 51,094 (28.66%). INC won by a margin of 18,725 Votes.

Vallabhnagar Assembly seat:Preeti Gajendra Singh Shaktawat of the INC received 65,713 (35.09%) Votes against Rashtriya Loktantrik Party  candidate Udailal Dangi’s 45,107 (24.65%). INC won by a margin of 20,606 Votes.

Khardaha constituency seat: Trinamool Congress (TMC) Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay won by over 93,000 votes, beating BJP candidate Joy Saha. Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay got 1,14,086 (73.59%) votes against Saha’s 20,254 (13.09%). TMC won a margin of 93,832 votes.

Dinhata assembly seat:  TMC’s Udayan Guha beat BJP’s Ashok Mandal by a record margin of 163,005 votes. Guha got 1,89,575 (84.15%) votes against Mandal’s 25,486 (11.31%).

Gosaba Assembly seat: Subrata Mondal of the TMC got 1,61,474 (87.19%) votes, against BJP candidate Palash Rana’s 18,423 (9.95%) Votes.

Shantipur assembly seat: Braja Kishor Goswami of the TMC got 1,12,087 (54.89%) votes against BJP candidate Niranjan Biswas’ 47,412 (23.22%). TMC won a margin of 64,675 Votes.

Kusheshwar Asthan seat: Aman Bhushan Hajari of the JDU got 59,887 (45.72%) votes against Ganesh Bharti of the RJD, wpo got 47,192 (36.02%) votes. JDU candidate won by a margin of 12,695 Votes.

Tarapur seat: Rajeev Kumar Singh of the JDU got 79,090 (46.92%) votes against his nearest RJD candidate  who got 75,238 (44.35%) votes. JDU won a margin of 3,852 Votes.

Tamulpur seat: Jolen Daimary of the ruling UPPL (United People’s Party, Liberal) won by defeating Independent candidate Ganesh Kachary by over 56,964 votes. The UPPL candidate got 86,557 (59.62%) Votes, while Kachary got 29,593 (20.37%) votes.

Gossaigaon seat: Jiron Basumatary of the ruling UPPL (United People’s Party, Liberal) won by beating Congress’ Jowel Tudu by a margin of 28,252 votes. Basumatary got 58,2789 (39.64%) votes against Tudu’s 30,342 (20.58%).

Thawra seat: BJP’s Sushanta Borgohain won with 54,956 votes, by a margin of 30,561 votes over Dhaijya Konwar (Independent). Borgohain got 54,574 (61.99%) votes against Konwar’s 24,277,(27.52%).

Bhabanipur seat: Phanidhar Talukdar of the BJP got 63,820 (56.41%) votes, to beat Sailendra Nath Das of the Congress, who got 38,367 (33.38%) votes, the victory margin was 25,641.

Mariani seat: BJP’s Rupjyoti Kurmi won the Mariani seat by a margin of 40,104 votes. Kurmi, who secured 55, 489 (62.38%) votes, defeated Congress candidate Luhit Konwar, who received 15,385 votes (17.3%).

Hanagal seat: Congress candidate Srinivas Mane won by a margin of 7,598 votes against BJP’s Shivaraja Sajjanar. The INC candidate got 87,490 (50.95%) votes and the BJP candidate got 80,117 (46.05%).

Sindgi Assembly: BJP Candidate Bhusanur Ramesh Balappa got 93,865 (57.31%) votes to beat INC candidate Ashok Mallappa Managuli (62,680; 38.27%). BJP Candidate won by a margin of 31,185 Votes.

Shiv Sena candidate Kalaben Delkar, the wife of former MP Mohan Delkar, won the by-election with a margin of 47,447 votes against BJP candidate Mahesh Gavit. Kalaben Delkar got 1,180,35 (59.53%) Votes, while Mahesh Gavit got 66,766 (33.38%).

Badvel Assembly Seat: The ruling YSR Congress Party comfortably retained the seat, with their candidate D Sudha getting 1,12,211 (76.2%) votes against BJP candidate P Suresh’s 21,618 (14.7%). YSR Congress won the by 90,593 votes.

Huzurabad Assembly Seat: Eatala Rajender of the BJP got 1,07,022 (51.96%) votes to beat Gellu Srinivas Yadav of the TRS (83,167; 40.38%). BJP won by 23,855 votes.

Jobat Assembly seat: Sulochana Rawat of the BJP got 68,949 (46.92%) votes to beat INC Candidate Mahesh Rawat Patel (62,845; 42.77%). BJP won by 6,104 Votes.

Prithvipur assembly seat: BJP candidate Shishupal Yadav got 82,673 (53.12%) votes to beat INC Candidate Nitendra Singh Rathore (66,986; 43.04%). BJP won by 15,687 Votes.

Raigaon Assembly seat: BJP Candidate Pratima Bagari received 60,699 (42.25%), losing to INC Candidate Nitendra Singh Rathore (66,986; 50.8%). INC Candidate won by a margin of 6,287 Votes.

Khandwa Seat: BJP Candidate Gyaneshwar Patil (6,32,455 votes; 49.85%) won by a margin of 82,140 votes over INC’s Rajnarayansingh Purni (5,50,315; 43.38%).

Ellenabad Assembly seat: Indian National Lok Dal Candidate Abhay Singh Chautala Received 65,992 (43.49%) Votes and BJP Candidate Gobind Kanda 59,253 (39.05%) Votes. INC Candidate won by a margin of 6,739 Votes.

Deglur (SC) Assembly Seat: INC Candidate Antapurkar Jitesh Raosaheb Received 1,08,840 (57.03%) Votes and BJP Candidate Sabne Subhash Pirajirao 66,907 (35.06%) Votes. INC Candidate won by a margin of 41,933 Votes.

Mawphlang Assembly seat: United Democratic Party Candidate and footballer Eugeneson Lyngdoh received 13,285 (48.35%) Votes and INC Candidate Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem 8,884 (32.36%) Votes. Lyngdoh won by a margin of 4,401 Votes.